Saturday, October 30, 2010

See You Mid-Test, Hello (again) Love

Finally, after those hectic exams were over. Well, not really over. I still have one more exam on Mon(ster)day. And I.. really have NO idea about the subject! Let's just pray for (at least) a stray miracle. Amen.

While in the exam week, I'm in charge to the Open House and Open Recruitment 2011 of student radio of Universitas Indonesia, 107.9 RTC UI FM. The thing was good, some colleagues come to help. Actually I'm worried that we can only reach a hundred student to join our club. It's lower than anyone expectation. Oh well, it's none minimum expectation. Once again, let's just pray for a bunch of miracle so the number bust 300. AMEN.

And by this week end..I'm wondering if I got hit by a cupid. 'Cause my mind won't stop play his picture. And I keep wondering, will this be my same old love story (again)?


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