Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hey folks, long time no see since my last posting. How's your days going? Mine was sooo busy. There are some stuff that I have to take care of. Ummm, I was too much galau last week; posting a zillion galau tweets, using a very galau on BBM status, and another annoying threads. I really want to apologize, dear pals. But I'm OK now, with a cliche defense from a broken-hearted Project Officer: he DON'T deserve me because I'm a way too precious.

And by the way.. someone is (finally) coming back home :) He's my very long time crush :D

What else?
Oh yeah, since everyone make their avatar using datc one D.I.Y I become very curious about this one. And finally I made one :)

Oh, I heart its lips and eyes :)


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