Monday, November 01, 2010

Lundi, 1er Novembre 2010

Quel jour! No, it's not an über exhausting day but it's kinda great one to start this month. Oh God, I really wish all the good things keep coming... Amen. There are some good things that happen today, let me show yaaa...

First: my last mid-test for this semester (Bahasa for Academic Purpose) wasn't that bad. And thank God, finally the mid-tests are over!

Second: the first year and the second year student are keep coming to get 107.9 RTC UI FM's application form.

Third: Safiek, Bena, and I had a random walk to Margo City where we foound our mates grabbing some stuff at Centro. And yeah.. I just simply fallin' for these cute stilettos:

Nah, I haven't buy it yet. I hope one (or both) of them could be mine very soon :) And this blueberry cheesecake was another thing that I got today. JSYK, I kinda want it since a very long time ago ;)

Unfortunately, between those good stuff there's something that make me feel screwed. Nah, it's not exaggerate at all. It's really piss me off dear OLIMPIADE UI 2010's crew!

Please.. dear human, throw your annoying billboard away!


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