Friday, December 31, 2010


Hello fellows, long time no post. What happened during those no-post time was this 5th semester IS a TOTAL DISASTER. Remember I post something about my lecturers that doubled the assignments in the very beginning of this semester? Yeah,t he torture continues. And also another unfortunate event during my effort to finish them all. So here's the story...

First of all, there's one subject which give us FIVE papers to be submitted in the end of the semester. Those are analytical papers about dramas, short stories, and poem. It's probably gonna be easy if all the material is in my mother tongue, but it's NOT. All of them were in French. Unlucky me, I got a very extensive script of drama; Le Mariage de Figaro of Beaumarchais.

Second. I lost all my back-up data because my us flash drive was broken. Like seriously.. I already finished my mini-thesis and it's suddenly PUFF, not there. As simple as that. While I NEED MORE THAN A WEEK to working on that shit. So.. I have to re-working on my mini-thesis in two days. Thank God is done and I assumed it's better than the lost one :)

Third. I'm not sure that I could pass one of linguistics subject that I took this semester. Since linguistic IS MY BLIND SPOT, I can do just pray and waiting a miracle from God. After a mid-semester exams, I simply don't know what they talk about in class. I feel so sleepy in every meeting, make no note, have no copy of my friends note, and I even have no text book of that subject. Yeah, screw me. Dear God, You know how suck the subject for me so just please make me pass this effing subject. Amen.

Fourth. As always, my department start the final exam earlier than another and finished up the rear. I'm so glad to really finish the final exam on 28 December 2010 but IT AIN'T OVER 'TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS. In the evening my friend told me that there's an email about the final exam for one subject that I took in another faculty. The truth is I'm not considering there will be a final exam is because the class was too much "fun". Yes you know what I mean by "fun" right? And the fat lady sing me a 1500 words essay about social development.

You know? I really really feel screwed by the final exams this time. They do such a great coup d'etat to my holiday. ISN'T THAT UBER GREAT???!!!!

- S

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