Saturday, April 14, 2012


I turned 22 last week, and I thank god for that. What I've accomplished then? I have no idea to answer that question thou. I got my bachelor degree, first job, but still no boyfriend. The last thing doesn't really matter for me thou. Not bad.

22nd is the second-most-awaited-age for me (the 1st is the 17th of course). I remember back then when I was 17th, I imagine what will I bacome when I was 22nd. If I'm not mistaken, I imagined that I'll have that bachelor degree and start to live my dream job. Yeah, this is actually my dream job lately when I was in college. So, I can't thank God enough.

At D-day my mother bought me a birthday cake, mocha flavor, so yummy. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the cake ergo I can't post it. but who cares anyway.

The worst part was my so-called-old-besties forgot D-day. None of them greeted me. Such a disappointment for a special day, no? I don't care. Because luckily I have those friends whom still remember my birthday. I don't care either if they really remember my birthday or they got it on their reminder or they knew from facebook/twitter etc. That's terrifying to finally realize that your existence in the real world is replaced by your existence in social media.

Here's the end of this post. Seems like I used too much "I don't care" here. Maybe that's the reason people don't care of me anymore. Later. xx


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