Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Accidental Properties which Lead to Intentional Credits

"Behind every successful man there is ..."
a. A woman.
b. A woman, behind her is his wife.
c. A proud wife and surprised mother-in-law.
d. A lot of unsuccessful years.

What's your choice?

There will be no right or wrong answer.
It's OK too if you don't want to pick.

If I told you I still have contact, in real life, with people who is too proud of their loved one's achievement, would you believe me? You should.

No. I do not I envy every marked check-list on their life which are still unmarked in mine. I just have this thought, what happen if one day their successful loved one, who they're too proud of, decide to join Man in Black. You know. No contact. No memory. Nothing. What's left to them?

They can no longer be defined as A whose successful loved one work in a multinational company, with hundred million Rupiah salary per annum, and take to dine out or buy new bag, outfit, and or shoes every weekend.

Who is A after their successful loved one join MIB?
If A don't have its own essence then A is dead.

I would like to cite Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein who cited Aristotle about essential and accidental properties in their book Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar. Here is what Cathcart and Klein wrote:
"Essential properties are those without which a thing wouldn't be what it is, and accidental properties are those who determine how a thing is, but not what it is."
It makes your successful loved one your accidental property. You should not be too proud of them because once they join MIB, you are nothing. Therefore they should never define you. Your successful loved one must extend your existence rather than define.

Now. You may lower down your voice when you brag about how your life is. Start question what kind of life you'll live in if your successful loved one join MIB. Do not taking credit of other's successes just so you can be the centre of attention.

-S ðŸ’‹

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