Friday, October 30, 2015

Intermezzo (I)

N: Have you had your breakfast?
S: No. 
N: Did you take any medicine in the last three days?
S: No. 
N: Do you get enough sleep?
S: No, really. Sleep is like money, one can never have enough of it. 

Sort some shit out at the very end point of business hour. Send it to my Sydney based colleague and we talk on Lync:

S: Can't it wait 'til tomorrow? You can ask somebody's help to review. 

L: Nooo. They (our client) are one hour ahead of us, so there is no way we can send this out before they're open. Why? Are you not confident?

S: Now that's a tricky question. Not much. But I believe if human being are doomed to never be 100% sure on anything, so~

-S 💋

1 comment:

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