Thursday, October 22, 2015

(So,) Your Body is Wonderland (?)

"When Thompson hit seventy, he decided to change his lifestyle completely so that he could live longer. He went on a strict diet, he jogged, he swam, and he took sunbaths. In just three months' time, Thompson lost thirty pounds, reduced his waist by six inches, and expanded his chest by fifth inches. Svelte and tan, he decided to top it all off with a sporty new haircut. Afterwards, while stepping out of the barbershop, he was hit by a bus. 
As he lay dying, he cried out, "God, how could you do this to me?"
And a voice from the heavens responded, "To tell you the truth, Thompson, I didn't recognize you."" 
As you read, above is my other favourite joke from Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein. They use the joke to spice up their Metaphysics chapter highlighting Essentialism which I can relate lately.

After Eid this year I planned to loose some weight in order to dress in a killer bod in my so-called best friend wedding. I failed. But, thanks to body shape, we all can manage the killer bod issue.

I have to admit that due to my lack of willingness, willingness, willingness, energy, and time to do some work out I gain some weights. So, months after the wedding, I decided to hit the gym and joined their freestyle class. I bailed out after strength exercise. I felt nauseous and almost threw up. Not a good sign for a mid-twenty lad, I must say.

I have an average heights of Indonesian woman and a pear shaped body which cause me difficulty in buying pants. I have the convenience gaining some weights but trouble to loose some. I don't do particular sport and don't have any gym membership. I did Tae Kwon Do once and really like it since it's the best way to release your stress, anger, etc. I enjoy the gym facility from work to take classes and work out.

The story began when I had my evening stroll with a friend and a tacky man shouted "Nice bod!". I assume he shouted to both of us since no other women were walking nearby. I also assume he aimed his cheesy line to both of us instead my friend. Then John Mayer's Your Body is Wonderland stuck in my head, along with question mark hanging in the dead air and a frown.

John: Your body is wonderland.
Jane: Thank you. So what?
I know that it might be a compliment. And a compliment should not be followed by any intention. If someone give you a compliment don't forget to say "thank you" and smile (and you might want to leave). I usually won't give any compliment just because he/she give me one. And I regret people nowadays who give compliment as their chit chat material. Oh yes, we live in that era when girls saying "you are beautiful" in order to get "no, you are more beautiful" response and end up in a shop shit of who is the fairest of them all. It goes the same for "oh, you look skinnier than 5 minutes ago".

If you get a compliment, congratulation. But would you mind keep it for yourself? Someone I know, in real life, get really excited when she got a compliment. And she tell it to her friend(s) with excitement. One day she told me, "when I arrived, A told me that I look skinnier and she was like shouting and everyone is looking at me. OMG. LOL". I was in a good mood that day so I gave my best response, "yeah, so?". And she giggled. SHE. GIGGLED. - You know, this is quite an achievement for me to be friend with a person who takes credit from their loved one's success and a person who tells her friend when she got a compliment. Life is a mystery and I don't know if there will be any more findings that will make me proud of myself.

You might be ultra-beautiful. You might have a killer bod. You might just get your killer bod yesterday - thank your willingness to commit with the gym + PT, your excellence obedience to your diet program, and the healthy-weight loss caterer you paid. But please remember this Damsels, physical appearance is not everything. Of course it's everyone's dream to have a killer bod and so on and so forth - I myself want to have one like Angelina Jolie's or Blake Lively's.

But one might want to know what's in your mind too. What's you are against and where your support go. One might want to know your stand point. Which glasses or binocular you use to see particular issue. One might want to hear words, or even statement, from your polished thin or voluminous lips. One might want your arguments about current issue.

We're all getting there. The time when we have too many wrinkles, the hair turn grey, the lips are no longer full, the smile that is no longer a Close-up-smile, and so on and so forth. If you rely much on your physical appearance, once it gone you will receive no compliment ever again. And I wonder if John Mayer will ever write and arrange a song titled "Your Body is Dismaland" then perform it on his older year. - I actually think Dismaland, not the metaphor I used above, is pretty cool.

-S ðŸ’‹

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