Friday, October 17, 2008

Love Is a Loosing Game

Well well... Talking about love is totally a MESS. It's come and go as it pleased. Without saying "Hello" and just "Goodbye". Unpredictable. We will never know to whom we will fall for until the day. The day when the one you fall for start to satisfy your mind. Il vient et reste dans notre tete.

Have you ever wonder why we fall for this guy? Poor us. OK, poor me. Because I think I will never have a good reason to explain. Like everyone said, if we found the reason why we love someone. Then is not love. As they say that love has no reason, has it any foundation? Like... like a building. To make the sturdy one, we have to start build a strong foundation. Another question comes out, what's the different about "foundation to love" and "reason to love"? Anyone? Oh really, this things confuse me. Is love have something in common with sacrifice? Because everyone said (again), love is a sacrifice. If we recall that most of the love stories have it. Another question, is love will always give and will never strive?

If it's so... I've never been in love. Because during this time, I mostly have some reasons to love someone. And about that sacrifice's thing, which I take as a "give", for me it's usually followed by a "strive". See, that was not what love is. Maybe love is the time when a couple voluntarily give every inch of their own to each other. Maybe it depends on your luck. If you lucky enough, you will get into what I called as win-win condition, the circumstance where none about to aggrieved. Or if you're in a bad luck, it will be win-loose condition, where one take an advantage of another and the other got nothing. Yes, sometime it's a loosing game.


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