Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Rainbows

It was Monday, December 1 2008. It's raining in the afternoon. After class, I decided to go back to my board right away. I was afraid if it's raining again, beside I bring no umbrella. FYI, I always like the smell after the rain. It's a way relaxing :)

I look at the afternoon sky. There were two rainbows. Aye. Two. There was a space between them. A span if we look them from here, the earth. But it's maybe more than a hundred thousand kilo meter in the exact distance. Both of them are beautiful. They look so... charming. They don't need to have some different things to look compatible.

It was a God's will not to get them together। Putting them in distance to keep their beauty. They'll keep their own charm until the sky becomes orange. Maybe the beauty remains if they stay away from each others.


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