Friday, November 12, 2010

Missing Bus Home

Oh no, I just missed my bus home, again
How careless I am!
I must be walking too slow

Or maybe the driver want a pee so he has to make it to the nearest toilet
Or the bus won’t save so God won’t let me get in it. Or it is my bus home

I’m so upset to miss the bus which means I have to wait the next bus

I hate it when I have to wait

Because there are interesting in the waiting room;
a muddy newspaper,
an ashtray,
and the worst is its solitude

it’s not my first time missing the bus
I have bus schedule so that I know when they’re coming,
and leaving.

There are station sold the schedule
Tick tack tick tack 
The bus isn’t coming yet

Oh, I hope it won’t rain
It’s midnight already
and I’m all alone in this bus stop
I hope another bus coming faster so I can come home soon


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