Saturday, February 19, 2011

6th Semester Treat Me (NO) Better

Hello again.. sorry for the absent of post a thing. My 6th semester has just begun, and it's treat me NO better. When you're in the last year of college, you should be ready if the lecturer ask the topic of your thesis. Yes, here in my country, if we want to get the undergraduate degree we have to write a thesis. It's not as complicated as the graduate student have to do, but the misery is just the same.

JSYK, I always stocked the instant coffee to keep my eyes open during the semester so that I can finish all my assignments. But in this very first week of college, I running out of all my coffee. I have to restocked very soon.

So.. I had this one assignment last week. I have to find 10 sources as my thesis cornerstone in 5 days. There are 8 students will presenting their annotated bibliography at the 2nd meeting. And yes, I'm included of those lucky students. By this post, I want to share a lil' bit mess of my desk when I'm doing my presentation.

I hope I have more time to laid down this week. *just saying*


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