Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Embarrassing Saturday

OK. It was very long time since my last post. I was so not into write anything, lately.. And also my dearest assignments, they're really screwed me the worse way than it were.

So here's the story goes... It was one Saturday when my mother, father, and sister pick me up from the boarding house. We went to a wedding party of my relative. We can really skip this because it's not the story that I want to tell. At night we (my mother, father, sister, and I) want to visit my uncle, he was retired but still active but unfortunately he is sick. Before we come into his house, I offer myself to accompany my mother. We're in the car and in a very FAIL looking when my father stop the car outside the mall and my mother (as always) was panic because the car was not stop in the proper place. Hearing that my mother panic and ask me to get out from the car faster, I come out with the very FAIL looking.

Then my father driving the car away, he was waiting in front of my uncle home. Yes, the mall and my uncle home is only several step away. I start to following my mother when I realized there's something wrong with my shoes. This is what I saw when I looked down.

Yes.. that was the hyper fail looking I've ever go out with. The black shoes is with heels and the green one is a flat.  My mother start laughing and panic. And me.. I'm just laughing and no panic at all. "What should we do? Your father was just driving away the car!" said mother. "Easy.. I can make it." answered me before realize it was Saturday night and the (they think they're) IT teenagers are going to spend their so called weekend with boyfriend or the gang.

Inside the mall, I realized it and start to worry abut my super fail looking. But I was acting cool. I called Bena instead of worrying about the shoes. It was success, I think. So, that night, I was walking around the mall with a different kind and color of shoes. What. Up.


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