Monday, February 13, 2012

How Do You Handle This?

How can you get any attention from someone whom you just met once whilst you live in a totally different world?

So, there is one man who takes over for the most part of my daydream. He's really got the package. Brain, behavior, and beauty. But the one and only problem I got here is, him and I live in a totally different world. He's no longer a student, quite out of reach actually. I don't know where he works. I don't have his number or even his BB's pin. The only one source I could use to (occasionally) stalk him is his Facebook account. He has no twitter, no multiply, nothing. Bet he has a very interesting real life out there.

I want him. I am falling for him. He's the 2nd guy, after that friend whom I always have a crush on, I want to tie the knot with. May Thee give me a chance to meet that guy and know that guy better. May Thee give me a ticket to travel to that guy's world and stay. Amen.
sketch by Inslee Haynes


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