Friday, February 03, 2012

The Best "Goodie Bag" Ever

Saya masih ingat benar, kali pertama saya memakai Jaket Kuning, jaket alma mater Universitas Indonesia. Hari itu saya menjadi bagian dari paduan suara mahasiswa terbesar yang dimiliki Universitas Indonesia atau bahkan mungkin yang dimiliki Indonesia. Saya beserta ribuan mahasiswa baru Universitas Indonesia angkatan 2008 berkumpul di Balairung untuk menyanyikan Gaudeamus Igitur dan beberapa lagu lain untuk kakak-kakak wisudawan & wisudawati.

Saya merinding. Betul. Such an honor to be with the best (and terribly lucky) students in the country in a huge choir. Sorry if that sounds cliche and wonker. Yeah. Totally.

That day, I imagined I was one of the leavers. Wear toga. Sit in the first two rows, where the cum laude students sit. I always dream it until a year ago. But as the subjects pass, I realize that is not that easy to sit in those rows. I didn't make it as a cum laude, but at least my GPA and my non-academic activities went quite well. ;)

Today is my uni 62nd birthday. I don't give 'em a present, but vice versa. My uni give me the best "goodie bag" every students ever wanted. That's not really a goodie bag, you know, that's just a parable. So, at 3 pm today (if I'm not mistaken), at RTC UI with its adorable Kolegas, I opened this well known student website called SIAK NG to check whether my academic status has already changed or not yet (yes, I'm waiting for my graduation lately). And here what I got:

HOORAY! My academic status finally changed. That was the goodie bag. Well, I don't know if my uni even held the birthday bash because I'm not invited but the most important thing is I got the best "goodie bag" ever.

It's like, OMG I need to struggle for 7 terms, achieving 144 credits, passing 46 subject with 92 exams, and collecting zillions deadly assignments to finally could walk down the aisle. Nah. To finally could get to Balairung. I was like happy, sad, proud at the same time. Oh, I'd like to congratulate my friends who made it too: Adek Impianna, Ajeng Ayu, Audi Pratama, Nindia Satiman, Wanda Widya, and Annisa Purbandari.

Since we all know that SIAK NG's server is bad oftentimes -and frustrate almost all of UI students-, I finally bump in to time when I adore SIAK NG. That time will come when your academic status changed, from "active" to "graduated".

Et aussi, je veux remercier mes professeurs pour toutes les lecons qu'ils m'ont donne. Je suis peut-etre une fille moyenne en classe mais je ne vais pas simplement oublier ce que vous m'avez enseigne, dans la classe ou bien en dehors. 


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