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Not Pro nor Academical Movie Review: Demi Ucok

In this first week of 2013 I feel so inspired. I saw a good movies this week. I purchased some DVDs; The Perks of Being a Wallflower, On the Road, and Cloud Atlas. I went to the cinema this weekend. I watched Demi Ucok. As for now, I'm about to give my not professional nor academical review on this movie.
Anyway, this is my first movie I watch in theater in 2013. I'm glad it's a local movie. Another film by Sammaria Simanjuntak, the director of an honest and heart touching movie, cin(t)a.

It's very difficult to find a worthy local movie to watch. Mostly the holder of major fund in Indonesia, not to mention majority of a fine prod. houses, produce (literally) twopenny movies. They have this inviolable pattern for the story, characters, etc. It's mainly semi porn horror sort with cleavages of the sexy-young-predicted to join the left-behind gang because she can never really do acting-actress, flunk-comedy which said inspired by American's movie whereas it's a top open secret that they copied the story, and semi-porn-horror sort with cleavages of a very seducing milf who used to have the fame back in the days who unfortunately to turns out upscale hooker.

 Sorry for blabbering. Anyway below is synopsis of Demi Ucok:

Glo doesn’t want to be like her mother:
Get married, forget her dream, and live boringly ever after.
She wants to reach her dream: make a movie.
Her mother, having one more year to live,
tries to make her daughter live like her:
Get married, live for others, and live happily ever after.
So the battle begins

I found the main idea of the story is simple; so our society everyday problem. In a far-reaching nation like Indonesia, it's quite hard to orient oneself to national law. As per our nation regulation, minimum age for a woman to get married is 20 y.o. and 25 y.o. for a man. As we live in Indonesian archipelago on which live divers ethnic groups, they might have their own regulation related to minimum age for marriage. Or maybe they have their own spiritual credit related to marriage.

Keep in mind that varied ethnic groups is not the only nor the main reason which (possibly) caused a divergence towards practice of national law. You must never forget our beyond number population that government couldn't handle. Among them are a less lucky troop who couldn't afford education so they don't give a shit if the population multiply. The government didn't give a shit about them too, anyway. Those less lucky troop get married in such a young age, they don't even give a shit about minimum age regulation I supposed, as it's disclose the possibility for a young woman to pop out more live.

Whilst for so-called quite lucky troop, marriage is not really for them. Woman in this troop divided by 2; those who is eager to get married because they whether too brave or feel complete after getting married, having kids, etc and those who defer their marriage for quite sometimes.

The second sort of the so-called quite lucky troop seen as an endemic by our mother-generation, including mine. Why it is an endemic? Because it's more likely to be contagious among them who dream more, who read more, who learn something particular, who are willing to give whatever it takes to achieve their goal, who's distracted or even lost between the concept of existence which they knew from a campaign in social media slash social demand slash prestige, and least who's gay.

Just a slight number of Indonesian writer adopt this kind of story and dish it up as public consumption.

My second fave is the characters. They are so tangible as they're not giving the audience a beautiful as skinny as hell actress. What I mean is the cast director won't give you any simulacra of the image of beauty, which is very good.

Dear sister, don't you feel it's enough of being dictated by social demand? They say woman should get married, dutiful to her husband, taking care of their children, should be protected as they're very fragile, bla bla bla bla bla. Dear society who lived far before the very first brilliant women come up in this mother Earth, why on Earth you dictate woman with such a definition? May you rot in hell, by the way.

Seems like it's not enough as the capital industry defined what beauty is. They say you have to be so damn skinny and so freaking white (for Indonesian) to fit their beauty definition. Why we should be define? Isn't that restrain you?

So this main character, Geraldine Sianturi, is, of course, beautiful in her own way. She's curvy and looks healthy and happy. She has Indonesian colored skin, Austronesian typical. That's what you should give to the audience. A real people to portray a common character based on our everyday life.


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