Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friend Whom You Always Have A Crush On

So, flashback to your childhood everyone. Remember your friends. Boys and girls you used to play with. How are they? Is the charming one keep their beauty? Is the ugly duckling turned in to a swan? Where are they going? What are they studying? What are they look up to? Are they seeing someone?

Me? I have this friend. A boy. When we were a little we used to play together. He's charming; handsome, funny, kind, in to sport and music (which I knew it lately). He's now in his last year in uni. He's going to one of  uni in this country and majoring in one of the most wanted major in every uni in this country. He's seeing someone. A lucky cute chubby girl. They're going to the same uni but majoring in different field of study.

So, we meet again. He still has his beauty even he's now a bit fat. Sometime, he picks me up when we're about to go somewhere with other friends. Seeing him always makes me happy. I think my other friends notice it. If I don't feel like going with them but he's going, they always said "He's in. So why don't you? I'll ask him to pick you up." In fact, I text him already and he voluntarily pick me up :p

I always have a crush on him. I don't know whether he and the other friends know or not. But I think I'm clear enough to declare that I like him. All I know that he's busy, pursuing his academic life and his future dream career. We're rarely text. Even for just to say hi or share some news of our friends. Once, he asked me how's my academic life's going. I said, if I passed every subject in this term then I graduate this February. He amazed and asked what I'm look up to. I said, I'm waiting the news from a company. Then he said, "so you're ready to get married? You can marry A or B (he named someone)". "Hell no," I said. "Why not? Ah, I know, you must be want to marry me?" he asked again. "Yes, totally," my heart shouted. So I answered, "yes I will. If only you're a diplomat or an ambassador." It's serious. Besides those are his dream careers I believe. Then he laughed. I wish he knew I'm NOT joking. Amen.

He's with someone now. The devil inside me always wants them to break up so I can be with him. I assume that there's a chance if he's into me while I'm always into him.

If I ever marry a man in near or far the future I want that man to be just like him. No. I want him, actually. He's the only living thing I wanna be with. And if he ever read this post and notice, he knows where and how to find me. He's my Kryptonite. Who's yours?


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