Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things I Like

I like to sit in the class after my friends.

I like biting my nails, daydreaming, and texting
while the profs explain.

I like to look over my watch
and grumble if the break hour's still a long way to go.

I like when the profs terminate the class.

I like the feeling when I read the text
which said the class' cancelled.

I like to have a chit chat in the cafeteria after class,
while doing the assignments or just share gossips.

I like the way the profs persuade us to think
and express it.

I like to think free.

I like to write it down,
just not without minimum page or characters,
not without giving any references because I don't use one.

I like when I got a good mark.

I like when the class grumble because most of us got a bad mark.

I like being a college student
but I don't like assignment, mid, and final exam.


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